In general 

The purpose of the Poulty Production Levy Fund is to strengthen the Danish Poulty industry's development and competitiveness. 

The Levy Fund was established with the overall aim of ensuring a stable way to finance future activities, that support the purpose of the Fund and which can advantageously be lifted jointly. The Levy Fund is a continuation of the Danish cooperatives movement's fundamental ideas, which is widely recognized as an effective method os securing financing af joint activities. The Levy Fund provides its funds through imposing a tac on eggs and per slaughtered pr exported poultry, respectively. 

The Levy Fund is managed by a board of directors, which is responsible for ensuring that the management of funds is in accordance with law. 
The Board of Directors consits of 12 people appointed by the Minister for Food and each is a member for four years at a time. Eight members are appointed to the board, on the recommendation of the relevant business organizations (and are often farmers themselves), and four members are appointed on the recommendation from the Danish Consumer Council, the Economic Council of the Labour Movement and the Independent Research Fund Denmark.

See who are members of the board here

The Board of Directors determines the Fund's strategy and awarding criteria, and based on this, assess which projects that receive support. 

The present strategy can be found here


What can the Levy Fund support?

The Poulty Production Levy Fund can provide support for marketing promotion, research and development, product development, counseling, education, disease prevention, animal welfare and control, as well as special activities that have been approved by the Minister for Food. 

The projects must be of benefit to the farmers. This means, among other things, that: 

  • All research results must be open for free use
  • Marketing activities should benefit all or a significan proportion of farmers
  • Advisory services must be available to all relevant producers

Only grants corresponding to necessary, concrete and deocumented expenses associated with the project can be subsidized. For this reason, the applicants are obliged to provide a detailed budget along with application, and to provide a financial report on grants after completion of the project. 

Who can recieve grants?

The Levy Fund provides grants to associations, industrial associations, independent institution, public institutions and other legal entities. 

The Foundation emphasizes that the applications have the necessary capacity to ensurre completion of the project, including the important distribution capabilities to ensure that the results are widely beneficial. 

The Fund does not provide operational or business support, and therefor it is rarely relevant for private companies to seek grant for e.g. development or marketing of a commercial product. 


Want to know more?

If you want to know more about the Levy Fund, you are more than welcome to contact the Fund's secretariet.